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Former Government Employee, Network Engineer, Seeker of the TRUTH.

Get Trump -  The Patriotic War

Where we were, Where we are, and Where we are headed...

Sample - Capitol Loss

The crowd outside of the Capitol grew to what was later estimated to be over one hundred thousand strong. The military was so overwhelmed that they lost control and the crowd proceed through the barricades and marched toward the Capitol building unmolested. The angry army finally made their way to the Capitol building and surrounded it. The soldiers that were guarding the area frantically contacted their superiors for orders while a heavily armed crowd enveloped the military vehicles. At that point even if the military had opened fire on the crowd they would not have lasted long as there were tens of thousands of civilian weapons present. In a matter of what seemed like only minutes, the Capitol was completely surrounded by more than one hundred thousand angry and screaming people, with tens of thousands of firearms. This day was destined to end with the fall of the American empire.

Inside the building alarms began to go off and security became busy locking down all of the entrances. The members were ordered to the basement where a subway tunnel existed to transport the members to and from the complex. The members were hastily lead down a set of stairs by Capitol security while the media crews continued to record the harrowing escape. They arrived at a large steel door which was opened with a key card by a security team member. As the door slowly creaked open, the security guard began to gasp for breath. He turned suddenly to reveal blisters all over his face. Several of the members of Congress began to gasp and vomit. One of the security members on the stairs screamed the word “gas” and the group turned toward the stairs in a panic. Several of the female members fell to the ground and were trampled by dozens of their panic-stricken colleagues while trying to escape the caustic gas. Several of the older members were overcome by the gas and died an agonizing death on the spot. It is worth noting that none of their colleagues attempted to help them in any way as they were all more concerned about saving their own asses. As what was left of the group ascended to the upper floor one thing became clear, this was obviously a planned attack, and it was most certainly an inside job. The members retreated to the house floor as the roar of the crowd outside grew louder. Several of the members addressed the cameras and begged the President for more military assistance. They were yet to realize that the Secret Service had already grabbed the President and were taking him to a safe location. 

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What happens when they try to take down a duly elected President?

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Melting Pot Meltdown

Hellection Day

Post-Election Spasm

The Twilight's Last Screaming

First Annual 9mm Awards Show

Bad News at Eleven

Capital Loss

Where's the Beef

Social Traitors List


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Not Deplorables, Not Racists, Now we are Chumps?

Are you ready for a ride?

Strange things really do happen. They happen all of the time and they even happen to ordinary people. You can bet that as you read this, somewhere on this planet, someone is experiencing something inexplicable. Chances are that they will decide to not share the story and move on with their lives. They either can't, or don't want to deal with it. Have you ever stopped to think that this is why ordinary people don't have the answers to humanity's questions? We certainly cannot count on any government to shoot straight so what is left?

Strange Tales from the Highway Volume One is a collection of mind-bending stories based on actual events that will keep you on the edge of your seat. These are stories that you will find yourself thinking about long after you have put this book down. You will enjoy stories like Satan's Car wash, The Blue People, The Iowa Incident, Hitler's Inheritance, and many more. You will never look up at the night sky the same way again.. 

Read this book with all of the lights on and buckle up!



Incident on the Ohio River

Satan's Car Wash

The Iowa Incident

The Blue People

Date Night

The Phone Call

After Party Specter

Hitler's Inheritance

Bonus Story

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