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Written by Tommy Highway





Chapter 1… Melting Pot Meltdown

Chapter 2… Hellection Day

Chapter 3… Post-Election Spasm

Chapter 4… The Twilight’s Last Screaming

Chapter 5… First Annual 9mm Awards Show

Chapter 6… Bad News at Eleven

Chapter 7… Capital Loss

Chapter 8… Where’s the Beef

Chapter 9… Social Traitors List

Chapter 10.. Leftovers









Melting Pot Meltdown

America the Butthurt


     It seems like it all started about a decade ago, the United States began to change socially in various ways which at first seemed harmless enough, perhaps even natural to a point. Then seemingly overnight, every group in America became outraged for one reason or another. People began to march in protest for the very equality that they already had. Many began to take their freedoms for granted, and some even began to demand the freedoms of others in the name of equality. Our national flag became disrespected by our school children, and somehow disenfranchised professional athletes that were making millions of dollars per year playing a kid's game. Concepts like socialism, and communism were after decades, suddenly in play again within our society. These were concepts thought long disproven and defeated by the blood and tears of our grandparents and parents; however, suddenly they were becoming popular again by the young and easily misled. We began to rewrite our own history under the guise of political correctness. Monuments were being removed from historical battlefields, and certain flags from the past were considered a symbol of hatred. Virtually anything that reminded our society of our past was scrutinized, if not outright demonized. We made the mistake of ignoring our own past and that would most certainly come back to haunt our society, and for that matter, the very ground upon which we lived. We began to raise our children to think of themselves, not as proud Americans, but to think of themselves as victims. We took our slice of heaven and allowed it to become subverted before our very eyes and for some, this was considered a joyous occasion.


     The country was rapidly becoming socially divided on nearly every level and it was getting worse. Freedom of speech became a rallying cry for some; however, what they really meant was that a person was only entitled to speak freely if they agreed with the masses. Individual opinions became toxic and were drowned out by unfounded claims of racism, or sexism, or some other “ist” or “ism”. If a person did not agree with the mainstream, then they were treated as pariah, or outcasts. A simple post on a social media site became speech that could and did, destroy people's families, careers, and lives for that matter. People were no longer permitted by their own peers to have an independent opinion. Politics even divided American families to the point of bitterness and hatred. The internet became a weapon in which to threaten and destroy those with a different political view or opinion. This was the death of freedom of speech. Suddenly every coward with a keyboard had the ability to harass, threaten, and humiliate anyone, anywhere, simply because the keyboard-cowboy didn't agree with them, or their point of view, and they could do it right from the comfort of their parent's basement. It was a time in which people that didn’t agree with the masses learned to keep their opinions to themselves, oftentimes for their own safety. Their rights were being oppressed and like-minded patriots began to take notice of that fact. It was political discrimination the likes of which had not been seen since Berlin in the late thirties.


     And then there was the mainstream media. You see, at some point, the free media in America shifted from journalism to activism. Simply put, the media stopped reporting the story and began to create the stories, thereby becoming part of the story. They traded in long-standing journalistic rules, standards, and practices, for attention and ratings. They began to manufacture the news, and then they began to set the narrative based on the political views of their organization's board members. Journalistic integrity was cast aside under the banner of political correctness. The media shifted from providing information to controlling the weak minded which were sadly in abundance. The mainstream media, including cable news, social media, and even what was left of the newspapers, became hopelessly politicized. Media outlets on both sides of the political spectrum became nothing more than a mouthpiece of their corporate master's political views, and or direct political party affiliation. Many people began to lose faith in all forms of journalism as the line between fact and opinion began to blur. More and more journalists were being exposed for fraudulent sources and stories. As long as the story sounded good, large numbers of masses would believe it, and the media was not only aware of that fact, they played to it. It became almost impossible to tell a real story from a fake story. It was the perfect time in American history to manipulate the minds of the weak.


     This was a time at which the media could make, or so often break any person in the country whether justified or not. The assumption of guilt became the media-driven norm if you happened to be playing for the wrong political team. It didn't matter if a story were true or not, as long as it sounded good, they would push it. Nothing mattered but public opinion and the media had not only figured that out, but they also became the puppet masters of the naive. The American media had the people so politically polarized, that the people quite literally lost the ability to comprehend anything other than what they were being told. Another way to put it would be to say that the people had lost their ability, and frankly, their will, to think for themselves. Some people began to follow the media so religiously that they would turn a blind eye to anything else in their environment. Illegal immigrant crimes were largely ignored by the mainstream media. Many people even began to distort obvious facts within their own minds to fit a particular narrative. Salacious stories that had been completely disproven were still believed by the masses simply because they read it on the internet or heard it from their favorite cable news talking head. Even when a media organization was called out for producing a story that was clearly disproven, they too often produced the weakest retraction possible and moved right along to the next story. Once trusted news outlets were producing the same quality of stories that we used to read in tabloids back in the 1990s. And to some, perhaps too many of the misinformed, and mislead people began to consume and believe everything that was being produced as fact without question. People didn't bother to do their own research as some were simply afraid to discover that they may have been misled, others were just too lazy to care. Ignorance became the chosen form of bliss for many.


     The politicians for their part were going above and beyond to shamelessly sow the seeds of division into the minds of their very own constituents. They began to call for violence and harassment against the political opposition. That was a decision that they would soon come to dearly regret. Suddenly everything became racist, or sexist, or any one of a number of divisive terms. The politicians became more interested in the rights of people of foreign lands than the very people that paid their salaries and put them into office. They wanted to import as many people into the country as possible, hoping to someday gain their vote, or possibly the votes of their future children. If a person disagreed with our ridicules national immigration policies, then they were a labeled a racist or a bigot. If a person dared to question a decision of a female politician, then that person was labeled a sexist, or a pervert. In the eyes of Congress, we the people were merely subjects, underlings, or how about cattle. We were just supposed to give the Government our tax money and stay silent because they knew what was best for us. We foolishly allowed this to continue unchecked for decades.


     This was a time when anyone that raised concern about serious issues like immigration, were simply written off as paranoid bigots. It didn't matter how many American deaths resulted from the actions of illegal immigrants, it didn't matter if they were murdering our children, a person would be labeled a racist for even bringing the subject up. If a person were of the opinion that voters should have to show identification at a polling place, then they were attempting to oppress someone in some way. It didn't matter if you were required to have an identification to obtain something as simple as a hunting license, a library card, or to purchase certain medications at the local drug store. To many, it was considered outrageous and racist to even ask a person to identify themselves. People began to suppress basic logic and literally form opinions out of hatred and spite. Any kind of constructive dialog was nearly impossible with all of the labeling and shaming. The politicians began to govern out of spite for the opposition, and America was no longer one family at this point and time. We had lost our greatest strength, we had lost our unity.


     Our schools and educational institutions became indoctrination centers for leftist values. Our teachers, even our grade school teachers, were using their publicly funded classrooms to mold the minds of our children based on their own personal beliefs. They were programming our youngest children and were being paid by the taxpayer to do it. They stopped using the standard curriculum and created their own based on their personal politics. Colleges began to discriminate against anyone that showed any kind of conservatism, or values that did not align with the mainstream. Conservative values were being shamelessly and unapologetically suppressed on the nation's campuses. Suddenly our nation's youth began to soften and require safe spaces in which to deal with their feelings. It became obvious that we had a generation of young people that were probably incapable of, or even unwilling to defending our homeland if required. America’s enemies were no doubt watching it all unfold on social media.


     And then, of course, there was Hollywood. What was once known as a proud symbol of American art, creativity, inclusion, and some might even say magic, became a political snake pit. The next thing that the American public knew, most of the very same celebrities that the American people created with their hard-earned money, were now lecturing them about what vile racists and sexist pigs that they all were. These geniuses had the perfect platform to calm things down and bring the country together. Instead, they chose to ridicule and divide the country even further. They were biting the very hand that fed them and for some reason, the hand kept feeding them, for a while anyway. Let's just say that most of these celebrities would soon learn the true price of fame and self-righteousness. It would prove a very bad career move.


     The melting pot was clearly boiling over, and everyone seemed perfectly happy to stoke the fire. The elite were directing the naive to do their bidding, and the naive couldn’t get enough of it. Our society became desperate to be offended as even old movies, ancient art, and books from the past were not spared PC scrutiny. Our culture was being torn apart in a very slow and deliberate manner and most people didn’t seem to notice.


Hellection Day

November 2016

     The current American administration was about to leave office and in the first time in nearly a decade, the American electorate would vote on a candidate that was not a seated President. The Democratic candidate was clandestinely chosen well before the primary as she was a well-known political figure. The party had put a cast of complete losers up against her during the primary just to make it look legitimate; however, everyone knew who the nominee was going to be. Interestingly enough, she was challenged by an independent socialist that was actually, and inexplicably, gaining traction against her. It later became known that she had been unfairly assisted during the debates with advanced knowledge of the questions. The leftist party had selected its candidate well in advance and would allow nothing to stand in her way. Rules were made to control the little people became the secret campaign motto. It was as if her ascension to the Presidency was foretold in the stars or some ancient text. She had been anointed and nothing else mattered, there was simply no way that she could lose.


     The Republican candidate was a very familiar face in America as he was a well-known New York real estate developer, as well as a reality television star. This man had no political experience and it was initially thought by many that his candidacy was merely a publicity stunt, or a feeble attempt to bring attention to himself and his brand. At first, no one took him seriously and his candidacy was laughed at and ridiculed by the media. Most high-ranking members of the Republican Party refused to even acknowledge the existence of his candidacy. He came off as a clumsy brute that would literally say whatever was on his mind. In a time of extreme and unnecessary political correctness, his words and attitude had virtually no filter. He was a political candidate the likes of which none of us had ever imagined. This man's candidacy, for the most part, delighted the other side as he began to gain in popularity. In a field of career politicians, it was widely thought that he would simply fade away as a historical footnote. He found himself running against skilled political operators, as well as political dynasties, and the deck couldn't have been more stacked against him from the very beginning. As the primary season wore on, more and more of his competition fell by the wayside. As the competition began to realize that he was indeed pulling away from the rest of the pack, the insults and accusations began to fly. This was no longer merely a political season in the United States, it became a national circus. Major television networks were celebrating the best ratings in history for political events. There were insults of every kind being thrown around. There were even questions about the size of hands versus manhood. It was an embarrassment for the entire country and the band played on. The Republican candidate was well on his way to securing the nomination and nothing would stand in his way. He was the frontrunner from start to finish.


     Indeed, the candidate easily secured the nomination and began a series of major political rallies. He was on fire and a large part of the population was behind him. The rallies became larger and larger, and more and more people were beginning to respond to his message. He crisscrossed the country taking his message everywhere from the big cities to the most rural areas. The people loved his message and his popularity began to rise even further. His political rallies were becoming a major event and the media coverage even began to rival that of major sporting events. People waited in line outside of the rallies for hours just to hear his message in person. By this time, the political opposition no longer considered him to be a joke, they considered him to be a threat. He became so feared in fact, that unbeknownst to the public, factions within our own government began to create back alley insurance policies in the event that his popularity continued to rise. He was an instant Rock star and completely upset the political landscape, and the opposition was taken by complete surprise.


     The political rallies became such a phenomenon that they began to attract troublemakers from the opposition. People that were being paid by the opposition party and its backers began to attend the political rallies and assault the candidate's supporters. People were being physically attacked and women were being spat on and physically assaulted on television for the world to see. This was anti-political behavior the likes of which had not been seen in this country since the Boston tea party. Young people were shouting unfounded claims of racism and even Nazism. The twisted irony of it all was that as these individuals decried that the candidate was a card-carrying Nazi, it was they who were running the exact playbook of the Nazi brown shirts of the late 1930s. It was the most un-American thing that had ever been witnessed in this country. Think of it, our youth had been so misled that they didn't even realize that they were becoming the very fascists they claimed to be fighting against. It was appalling behavior in a free society, yet the political opposition refused to condemn the violence and it continued. Things only got worse from there.

Copyright Tommy Highway 2019

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